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Chan Hwei Enterprise Co., LTD. is located in Dapumei Precision Machinery Industrial Park, Chiayi, Taiwan.  The factory covers an area of ​​140,000 square meters.  We specialize in the manufacture and sales of stainless steel fasteners and have obtained TÜV ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2021.

Chan Hwei owns an advanced AS/RS automated warehousing system with 45,000 locations.  We also provide barcode services for inventory management systems as well as the electronic file transmission system for customer required inspection reports.

Chan Hwei adopts a complete and integrated operation method from ordering, production, inspection to shipment,  which can ensure stable and good quality, fast service, competitive prices and establish long-term and trustworthy partnerships with customers.

HISTORY (1).png

TONG HWEI invested to establish
MIN HWEI located at Ping-Nan Industrial District, Ping Tung, Taiwan, specialized in producing Stainless Steel Self  Tapping Screws, Machine Screws, Chipboard Screws and Wires.

CHAN HWEI was founded in Dapumei Precision Machinery Park, Chiayi County, Taiwan,  specialized in producing Stainless Steel bolts /  screws.
A new automatic warehousing system with 45,000 locations was built up.

TONG HWEI and MIN HWEI invested Ming Hwei Energy Co., Ltd. at Douliu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan for producing Solar Cells & Modules with annual production capacity of 600MW.

MIN HWEI built up the Automatic Warehousing system with 24,000 locations.
TONG HWEI relocated at Gang Shan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan with land size at 100,000 square meters and massively installed new heavily installed new machines to triplicate production capacity.
A new automatic warehousing system with 50,000 locations was built up.

TONG HWEI concentrated on developing Stainless Steel Bolts & Nuts business.

TONG HWEI was founded at Gang Shan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, producing Steel Bolts  & Nuts.


Faced with the impact of global warming, environment and climate change over the years, the advantages of stainless steel fasteners in rust and corrosion resistance become more significant and valued as well as durability and high safety work best with fastening technology made from stainless steel.


Along with the stable development of the global economy, Chan Hwei will strive to its commitment to pursue continuous innovation and improvements to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to our customers. 

At the same time, we will also take social responsibility, effectively manage and promote the work of energy conservation, carbon reduction, and environmental protection. We look forward to growing together with global partners and moving towards a green and prosperous future.

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