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Customized Bolts & Screws



In addition to providing stainless steel fasteners that meet international standards, Chan Hwei is also dedicated to the field of special and customized product design.   With over 40 years of strong fastener manufacturing background and techniques of Tong Hwei Group and the cooperation of our reliable suppliers of raw materials, equipment and molds,  we are capable to provide customized product services through supporting operations on selection of suitable raw materials, plans on special manufacturing processes, design of exclusive molds.

We will continue to improve and accumulate the power of research and design to meet customer demands and to grow together with our partners.

Customized Service

Customized Packaging

Chan Hwei adheres to the concept of meeting customer needs and take customized packaging as one of the core considerations. 

In order to achieve effective and accurate packaging operations, Chan Hwei owns an AS/RS automated warehousing system with 45,000 locations, logistics management systems, automated packaging equipment in response to the needs of customers.   Whether it is the presentation and selection of packaging materials or the way of product packaging and stacking,  we offer flexible packing services which can be adjusted to satisfy customer demands.

Benefiting from our customized services, our customers can achieve the goal of direct delivery from the place of production, thereby saving the cost of warehousing and repackaging.

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