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Stainless steel products are widely used in our life because of their excellent characteristics.   In addition to the general environment, it also has outstanding performance in the environment filled with acid, chemical substances or sea water . 


Generally Stainless Steel is applied in the following industries:


  • Infrastructure public works: Mostly used in facilities such as railways, highways, bridges, MRT airports, and hospitals.

  • Transportation: Widely used in projects such as automobiles, shipbuilding, marine industry, and rail transit vehicles.

  • Chemicals, petrochemicals: It can be used in petrochemicals, boilers, and oil refineries because it meets industry requirements such as acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance.

  • Energy: Applied on firepower, wind power, nuclear power and solar energy equipments

  • Living hardware: Because of its smooth surface, beautiful appearance and high strength, it is widely used in people's livelihood consumption and household hardware related industries.

  • Medical equipments: Used in various medical appliances, machinery and equipment and related applications.

  • Construction: In addition to power generation equipment such as indoor fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm systems, emergency power systems, etc., it can also be used for roofs, steel beams and building decoration.

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