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 Stainless   Steel


Stainless steel is not actually free from rust. However, it is famous for its remarkable effort in corrosion resistance. When exposing to the air, carbon steels are easily to be found pitted and oxidized which is the start to corrosion. Conversely, stainless steel, whilst in the same condition, it generates  chromium oxide film on the surface which protects stainless steel from acid damages and extend the product usage.

In addition, the Carbon content of stainless steel is generally controlled below 0.1%. because Carbon is easy to combine with Chrome to form chromium carbide, resulting in poor Cr and deterioration of corrosion resistance, thus the content of Carbon in stainless steel is also strictly controlled.




Compared with other materials, stainless steel has the following advantages:

  • Strong corrosion resistance

  • Good mechanical properties and easy processing

  • The appearance is bright, hygienic and easy to clean

  • Toxic free and safe

  • It still has good properties in high temperature and low temperature environment

  • Multiple surface grades, providing different application fields

  • Long life cycle, low maintenance cost

  • Green materials, 100% recycled

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