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Chiayi County Presentation: Employment of People with Disabilities; companies benefit from right person in right place


·         Publish:News Marketing Dept. Public Relation Section

·         Source:News Marketing Dept. Public Relation Section

The Presentation of Employment of People with Disabilities was held in Evergreen Palace Hotel on Sep 19th, by Chiayi County Government. County Magistrate Chang-liang Weng awarded nine institutions with excellence employment of people with disability, and four high graded companies shared experience in implementing practical work adjustment to arrange appropriate job for people with disability. Occupational reconstruction consulting service was also held to provide more than 100 attendees, who are companies, disabled students, to observe and learn from this activity; also encouraged more institutions to retain people with disability to enter workforce favourably.

Visual impaired singer Mei-Xian Wu kick off the show by signing “Invisible Wings”, to convey the resilience of people with disabilities to pursue their dreams. Personnel of Kura Sushi Corp. shared their experience of recruiting disable people: Through fixed shifts, modest working content and high repeatability, as well as same staring salary, fair performance assessment and raise…etc. to establish friendly working environment. This can help decreasing loss of confidence under tedious working, and can easily gain sense of accomplishment shortly to cultivate to effective labour force.

  “This activity was presented by two microfilms filming based on two true stories, to show the result of Government Employment Promotion services “said Labour and Youth Development Dept. Chan Hwei Enterprise applies simple shift adjustment to make employees with disabilities work under safer and more stable environment. Taiwan NJC Corp. simplifies working content and divides working areas to have them avoid from high concentration hazardous chemical substances and no needs of wearing additional safety protective equipment, which ensures work force safety and develops stable manpower for companies.

Magistrate Weng, WDA(Workforce Development Agency) Yulin-Chiayi-Tainan Regional Branch Director, Liu, praised nine institutions, including Chiayi County Police Dept, Puzi City Office, Lioujiao Township Office, Jhuci Township Office, Jhongpu Township Office, Chiayi Lucky Top Fishes Corp, Galien Industrial Co, Taiwan Shin Yeh and Chan Hwei Enterprise Co., with excellence employment of people with disability that recruit ratio is higher than legal regulations, reaching 5% of total employees and hire more than 10 people with disabilities.

Chan Hwei Enterprise Co, had the need of recruiting people with disabilities since 2020. Ru, who has skills in packing was hired through the job matching held by Government. Afterwards, considering health condition of Ru, her work area was adjusted to elsewhere with no need of caring heavy object, no dazzling light area, which helped Ru to work pleasant and smoothly in both packing and QC department, and were in employment stably over two years, which also solve the problem of recruiting difficulties.

 “Occupational reconstruction service helps around 400 people with disabilities every year to work in community or get back to work. We believe that by having more empathy and acceptance, also make good use of resources adjustment, they can make their mark in all walks of life. Hope the Government, companies, society and families can support and help them enter the workforce”, said Yi-Han Chen, the director of Labour and Youth Development Dept.

Magistrate Weng indicated “lack of labour happens in industry, but people with disabilities always face the dilemma of being connected to the workforce; the capabilities of them are always underrated. In fact, after implementing the reconstruction service, which enables parts of the jobs to be examined through professional analysis and ability assessment, to minimize the difference between job vacancies and people with disabilities, to decrease the gap of “find jobs” and “talent recruitment”; It’s not difficult to hire people with disabilities, and hope companies to provide more opportunities for them to adaptively develop.

The two microfilms were uploaded to Labour and Youth Development Dept Facebook page; People who share the videos before Sep 26th will have a chance to win NTD200 shopping card of 7-ELEVEN. Welcome to visit the page.

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